Our 2014 Jingle Contest is over; however, we wish to thank everyone who made not only the contest, but also the wrap-up party such a huge success!

We are pleased to provide more information about many of our contestants who are involved in a wide variety of interesting projects, hobbies and businesses throughout Vancouver Island. It's our way of giving back to them and we hope that you will take the time to support their endeavours whenever possible.

Simply click on the name to view their page and find links to other areas that you will find very interesting. Not all contestants chose to have a bio page; however, you can still listen to their jingle by clicking on their name.

The top 20 were made eligible to win by you, their fans, who ensured that they received the necessary number of votes to qualify. Serious Coffee Head Office then chose the top 5, ultimately deciding on a contest winner. All of the entries were fabulous expressions of each participant. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us!!

Contest Winners: Annie Handley and Dave Devindisch

These contestants represent communities through Vancouver Island from Campbell River, Comox Valley, Port Alberni all the way to Victoria and the outlying areas.  They range in age from 9 years old to 70 years old and showcase a wide range of musical styles.  ENJOY!

9801   And Then There Was   The Bald Eagles Band
Bruce Carrick   Cheryl Pocklington and Jack   City of Gardens Quartet
Claire   Cole Letham   Dale Baglo
Dan Politano   Dave Alexander   Dave Bettridge
Drelene Gibb   Duncan Meiklejohn   Elan and Jolan
Emily   Gary and Alena   Geoff Lundstrom
Geoff Mason   Glenn Mitchell   Hendrik Reitsma
Janine Owen   Jasper van der Veen and Elaine Smithers   The Java Dolls
Jeff Rowan   Jeremy Barnhart   Karly Summers
Melissa Mezei   Ray Poole   Peter McCutcheon
Pulse (Tom Watson)   Rik Leaf   Ryan Rock
Scott McGill   Sean Tassell   Wendy Molchan

Click on the links provided below to watch video clips of the different people and bands who performed at the wrap-up party.

And Then There Was


Nancy Nash-MacInnes' Latest Cd


To hear And Then There Was performing at our wrap-up party, click on the image above.  

The Java Dolls', Nancy Nash-MacInnes has a new Cd released December 2014, Click on the cover to listen.


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