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Geoff is a diverse drummer, having absorbed influences from almost every genre of music. Self-taught as a teen in BC, he later studied drum set, percussion and music theory at Alberta College with symphonic percussionist, John McCormick. He went on to MacEwan University where he studied with Brian Thurgood and graduated with Music Performance Diploma. He was the drummer of the MacEwan Dixieland Band and also recorded and performed with folk, pop, hard rock/metal and cover bands. After graduating and touring Western Canada with various rock and country cover bands, he relocated to Victoria.  

Since making Victoria his home, Geoff has performed and recorded extensively, playing blues, rock, R&B, funk, jazz, latin, ska, folk, reggae, afrobeat and country, with numerous bands including Rainshadow, Coco Jafro, Blake Andison and the Solution, Flingo Safari, [Subtitled] and Fungkus. You can find Geoff performing live with The New Groovement, Swamp Music Players and Kariba Surprise Jazz Band.

Geoff is an experienced teacher who believes that anyone can achieve their musical goals with practice, persistence and positive thinking.

To hear Geoff performing: Geoff Mason

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Serious Coffee’s Note: It is fantastic to have someone like Geoff participate in our contest because he comes at the process from a totally different perspective and it's reflected in his jingle. Once again, the amount of training and experience that Geoff has is a real treat and we thank him for choosing to participate!