Ray Poole  BIO - Ray Poole also known as Mr. O-Ray-nge

Ray says that he not a musician, but was part of the hum, tap, snap, and whistle group. Before that he almost became a radio broadcaster right out of high school. During his posting with the Air Force in Baden, Germany (CFNS 96.8) he was fortunate enough to have his own weekly base volunteer radio show for over a year. 

His wife is a teacher by trade, but has now been pursuing a career as a professional acrylic painter. A few of her credits include the Moss Street Paint-In along with the Sidney and James Bay Markets (for over 8 years each). She was featured in CFB Esquimalt's base newspaper, The Lookout on two special occasions. 

Their son is in school in Los Angeles earning a degree in Screenwriting, while continually advancing his position as a stand-up comedian. (He has performed on CBC for the Halifax Comedy Festival) 

Ray P. commented to us: “As for your contest, I really liked the format as there was lots of room for personal imagination for all of the contestants. Once again I would like to say thank-you for organizing this fun-filled event, and hope that creativity is always embraced in our society!” 

Click HERE to listen to Ray’s Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note: Ray’s jingle, with its unique content and fun performance brought a smile to our faces. It showcased the diversity of submissions we received and we were extremely pleased that Ray chose to participate in our contest. Based on his bio we can see that talent runs deep in his family and appreciate him sharing his with us.