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In the late 70's, Dave Alexander was a musician based out of Edmonton and played throughout Alberta and the interior of BC. He scored a recording contract in Nashville, Tennessee in 1977.  After making two trips down to Nashville, by 1978 he managed to complete the album entitled Mr. Music Man. His album was funded by Sound Shop Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, which was the same studio that engineered some huge artists, including Paul McCartney and Wings in 1974. 

Regrettably, Dave gave up music around 1980 but Dave recently retired and decided to pick up his guitar again (lucky for us!). The only place he has played since 1980 is at Serious Coffee Vancouver Island Confernence Centre in downtown Nanaimo.  There is a weekly jam held at the cafe where local artists of all levels are encouraged to come out and show their stuff. Dave said “I'm fortunate they video'd me that night…so I have proof. I had a blast!!!!” 

Dave hopes to continue playing as a hobby and really wants to get back on a stage in the very near future. 

To learn more about Dave, check out his music below… 

Dave’s Younger Years

Dave’s Older Years at Serious Coffee

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Serious Coffee’s Note:  How lucky were are to have timed our contest at a point in Dave's life where he was ready to participate in our contest. Not only did we enjoy his submission, but we were really impressed by the huge support he gave to ALL the musicians that participated. Thank you Dave and keep performing whenever you can!