Dale came in third as decided by Serious Coffee Head Office

Dale Baglo Bio - Dale Baglo

Dale is a "well-rounded" creative type, and the winner of over 50 national and international awards for advertising creativity…including two CLIO Awards and an IBA spike for the best radio PSA in the world! 

Dale produces radio commercials and programs, performs voice overs for radio and TV, produces songs for aspiring singers, and has written and produced hundreds of advertising jingles. In addition, he also does videography. In fact, Dale had to miss the Serious Coffee 2014 Jingle Contest Wrap-up Party because he was in Calgary filming David Foster and other world renowned performers at David's big gala! Dale has also produced all of the dozen or so videos that will be shown during David's gala as well.

For more information about Dale please visit: Dale Baglo 

Click HERE to listen to Dale’s Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note: As you can see from the photo and lyrics in Dale's submission, he has a great sense of humour.  On top of being a multi-talented person he is also enthusiastically supportive of others. This characteristic was shown to us when he asked if we would consider having Robin Gillespie fill him for him at the wrap-up. Robin sang Dale's jingle for him and has also just finished recording a soon to be released children's CD called Robin's Song Garden, produced by Dale. You can listen to a song from this CD entitled "Robin Magoo"

We were so pleased that Robin was able to come out to the party and sing the jingle for us. It was fun to see everyone suddenly recognize which jingle he was representing as soon as he started singing. Thank you to both Dale and Robin for their participation and we wish them much success with the new CD!