Jingle Contest Winners - Annie Handley and  Dave Devindisch

Annie Handley & Dave Devindisch Bio – Annie Handley and  Dave Devindisch

Dave and Annie are partners in music and in life enabling them to develop a tight bond that is evident in the music they create and when they perform. We were very fortunate that Dave and Annie were willing to play at our wrap-up party and they surpassed all expectations with the quality of their voices, excellent harmonies and variety of style. In addition, they are very gracious people who have a terrific sense of humour. If you have an opportunity to see them live, we highly recommend that you make the effort to go.

Annie's ongoing musical accomplishments as a singer/songwriter is an inspiration for those who are able to combine talent with opportunities presented on sites such as YouTube - a forum where Annie’s song-writing abilities and musical imagination have attracted followers from around the world. Her music is a wonderful paradox that combines universal themes of beginnings and endings, quests and conclusions in both gentle and edgy grooves with a styling reminiscent of rocker Sheryl Crow.

Her debut CD titled No Shoobie topped the "What’s Hot" pop music category on iTunes Canada . Among Annie’s musical accolades is placing in the top three of BC Music Magazine’s new music category and in the top 30 in a worldwide search for alternative music in 2010. In addition, Annie’s song “Bring Me Back Alive” was selected to be on the television show  Beauty and the Beast. She also has two new songs that have been shortlisted for upcoming movies and TV shows.  She is currently working on her second CD with producer and jingle partner, Dave Devindisch. 

Dave Devindisch is a producer and multi-instrumentalist with a very distinguished career of his own joining the band DDT.  They were signed to an international record deal, toured Europe and had the opportunity to open for Kid Rock. Dave has a poet's perspective on top of being an extremely talented musician with an ear for harmonies and production.  With these two artists working together it's no wonder that they are seeing so much success.

These days, Handley and Devindisch play in the Annie Handley band with guitarist Douglas Biggs and drummer Bill Cymbala, both from the Comox Valley.  They have spent the summer playing in a variety of events and festivals and will probably be playing in a community near you so be sure to watch for them.

You can learn more about Annie and listen to her music at http://www.anniehandley.com/  

You can hear more of Dave's music on https://soundcloud.com/dave-devindisch  

Click HERE to listen to Annie and Dave's Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note:  Fan favourite and WINNERS of the Serious Coffee 2014 Jingle Contest, Annie and Dave, not only impressed the majority of voters in our Jingle Contest – but seriously impressed us too! Congratulations is in order for winning the contest and receiving the most votes (2,633), you’ve done us proud. We thank you for being an active participant in our contest, and commend you for your fabulous submission. 

Annie & Dave playing at the Jingle Contest Wrap-up Party on September 27, 2014: