Emily WBIO - Emily W.

Emily is 13 years old, in Grade 8 French Immersion.  This year she completed her Grade 5 piano exams (practical and theory). Emily is creative, spontaneous, loves gymnastics and has a huge heart. Her family is super proud of her. 

Her Mom wrote: "This contest was a great distraction for us during the strike and Emily really figured out the whole jingle on her own while I was picketing.  The next day she figured out how to record her piano part, then vocals, merge those two, and how to send them."

Click HERE to listen to Emily's Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note:

It's plain to see that Emily has a bright future ahead of her not only because of her musical abilities but because she has the tenacity to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. It takes a lot of courage to step out and share something you've created with people you don't know but Emily did it and mastered the technological challenges that she encountered along the way.

Emily, you represented yourself, your family and Port Alberni perfectly. Thank you for being a part of our contest!