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For 18 years Rik has brokered his talents and abilities into a variety of mediums including producing CDs, TV, short films, podcasts, multicultural performance workshops, travel videos, teaching filmmaking workshops, slam poetry, and a published author. First and foremost, Rik is a storyteller and that’s the thread that weaves all the different expressions together. 

Rik also drafted a pilot project for the Foreign Affairs Department’s, Children In Armed Conflict initiative (click on the name of the initiative to learn more). They sent Tribe of One to Kosovo where they participated in a United Nations event. 

Rik is also a Sommelier and the Host of The Entertaining World of Wine. Right now they are booking an event series called "The Perfect Pairing". 

"The Perfect Pairing" is a playful take on pairing wine with various aspects of culture (books, music, etc.) to create a fun and interactive event. It's like wine-tasting meets book club at a cool concert. It's a lot of fun and if you are interested in more information, check out his websites and blogs.

You can learn more about Rik here: Rik Leaf

Click HERE to listen to Rik's Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note: Rik more than lived up to his impressive credentials with a jingle that was totally unique, clever and reflective of who he is. Once again, another participant that found time to be a part of our contest despite having so many irons in the fire. Thank you for choosing to put your creative juices to work on our behalf!