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The Java Dolls is a musical pairing of friends, Nancy Nash-MacInnes/Sazacha Red Sky (left) and Joanne Nissi, both from Campbell River. A good portion of Joanne's time is spent serving delicious treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Both Joanne and Sazacha are passionate activists in the envoronmental and animal worlds. Sazacha says that "...we are making sure that great grandchildren have a world and critters therin...which is a huge reason we support your coffee as it is shade grown and fair trade."

Sazacha, then known as Nancy Nash, was born and raised in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and grew up singing in local churches, garage and dance bands. As a teenager and single mom she moved to Edmonton where she met song writer Paul Clark who introducted her to Hot Cottage which resulted in her singing a duet "Worried Worried" with Walter Horton, her first harmonica mentor. 

In 1976, Bob Ruzicka recommeneded her for a CBC project, an album called Loves' Labour Lost that featured her first recording "Get To Know You" as well as highlighted her harmonica playing on Betty Chaba's "Empty Stage". Her debut album entitled Natural Born came later that same year. There was a flurry of activity after that which you can read about on her Discography page.

As if that weren't enough, Sazacha was Bob Hope's side kick and opening act from 1986 to 1992. Following her time with Bob Hope, she developed and taught a pop vocal/music class at Vancouver College, acted in commercials and TV shows, such as 21 Jump Street. In 1995, Sazacha recorded an album called Red Sky Rising, the critically aclaimed album was nominated for a Juno in the Best Music of Aboriginal Canada category with "The Prayer Song".

These days, Sazacha is busy with her recording ventures working as a session singer and background singer in addition to her community focused outreaches. To hear some of Sazacha's earlier recordings visit REVERBNATION-Nancy Nash.

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Nancy Nash - Long Live the Blues CD

Nancy Nash-MacInnes/Sazacha Red Sky has a new CD released in December 2014 called Long Live the Blues.

If you would like to hear her new CD, click on the image. To read about this new CD visit IraBox.






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Serious Coffee Notes: The diversity and life experience that so many of our participants have is truly mind-blowing and it holds true for these talented people as well. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work that is having a lasting and positive impact on the world around us and for choosing to share a piece of yourself with us.