Serious Coffee Franchises

  Are you interested in becoming a Serious Coffee Franchisee? Does opening a new café or purchasing a ready-to-go site appeal to you? Serious Coffee may be the perfect match for you. Franchising is a more secure way of becoming an entrepreneur by providing a proven product, ongoing training and support, increased purchasing power, and greater marketing capacity. Serious Coffee has all of these components and more.


Before deciding, ask yourself and those close to you the following questions. Do you embrace a challenge, love to visit with people, thrive when building a team atmosphere, like to teach others, and enjoy a fast-paced environment? Are you able to work within a structured system while still generating excitement and ingenuity? We are always ready to welcome people who are full of energy, enthusiasm, and love coffee and/or tea into our organization. 

In addition, a personal net worth statement (PNW) is required for all applications and is included in the Franchise Application Package. This form once filled out and signed by the applicant(s), will also detail any real estate assets owned with tax assessment forms provided as proof of registered ownership. The PNW allows the Franchisor to perform the following:

Equifax search, bank inquiries, PPSA search of assets listed for any debts or encumbrances or liens, and verification that the applicant's PNW details are accurate.

Serious Coffee franchise candidates are required to have at least $100,000 in non-borrowed, unencumbered cash or liquid assets.  Candidates are also required to have a minimum net worth of $350,000.


There is a lot more information that we'd love to share with you; however, the very first step in the process is to complete our Franchise Application Package (FAP)*. Each person who wishes to be named as an owner of a café needs to complete their own package, no matter the nature of the relationship. Also, if a property is being included as part of the list of assets, a copy of the latest property assessment for each property listed need to be included as a part of your financial package.


Once you have completed and signed the Franchise Application Package, scan and email the document(s) to franchising@seriouscoffee.comOnce the information has been received, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by email or phone to discuss the outcome of the review.


If your application is approved, a time will be arranged to meet either in person or via Skype (depending on your location).  


*Note: Approval of your F.A.P. is the first step of the approval process and does not mean that you have received final approval to become a Serious Coffee Franchisee.



Serious Coffee is proud to be a member of the Canadian Franchise Association. Click on the CFA logo to learn more about this organization.