Jeremy Barnhart  BIO - Jeremy Barnhart

Jeremy is a published poet, pen and ink illustrator, entrepreneur, electronics nerd and coffee lover, but his lifelong love has been music; writing and performing since a child. He plays guitar, drums, bass and piano (though not at the same time) and 'plays' with other instruments. Jeremy has toured on and off with original bands and is now working on a few project bands - The Secret Press and The Darkling Project. Both are a mix of art and music. He's an Islander who never stops working on new music while at the same time writing and doing graphic design. 

Jeremy began GoldiRock Records & Entertainment (check out the Facebook page) in the early 2000's and has enjoyed being part of the world entertainment scene. 

Jeremy is also an avid Serious Coffee fan and can frequently be found in our Vancouver Island Conference Centre (downtown Nanaimo) cafe! He is such a diehard fan that even though he didn't have his own wheels he managed to get a ride to our wrap-up party so that he could be a part of the process from start to finish. We can't say how much we appreciate his level of commitment.

To learn more about Jeremy, please visit: GoldiRock Records

Click HERE to listen to Jeremy's Jingle:

Serious Coffee’s Note: Our fans voted Jeremy's jingle into the top 10, an impressive feat! From the clever, well-written lyrics, to the upbeat sound and voice, we were impressed with the effort he put forth. Thanks so much Jeremy for entering our contest and for being a huge Serious Coffee fan! We appreciate it!