Islanders Supporting IslandersFrom the start, we understood that the best way to say, thank you is to give back to local organizations who are working hard to better our communities. One of the many benefits of being an Island company is that we are able to join forces with our locally owned cafés to help you make a real impact, one community at a time. 

Each year, Serious Coffee receives hundreds of requests for community support from a variety of organizations. Though each group is highly deserving, we are unable to support them all; however, Serious Coffee has an excellent fundraising package and if you are interested in raising funds for your non-profit organization, please see our Coffee Bean Fundraising Package Introduction by clicking on the link.


In order to be eligible for a donation or sponsorship, the applicant must meet the following criteria;

  • Be a not-for-profit organization and reside on Vancouver Island or in Powell River
  • The event or project must directly benefit the community in which it is being held and should conform to one of the following main areas of focus;
          Health & Wellness
          Arts & Culture
          Animal Welfare (i.e.: S.P.C.A.)
  • Serious Coffee must receive your request no less than two months before the date of the event.

Applications from the following will not be considered for community support;

  • Organizations unable to demonstrate, in detail, their measures of success.
  • Groups who have already received a donation or sponsorship within the year.
  • Any individual or business endeavors.
  • Professional sporting groups.
  • Collection of funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or individuals.
  • Promotion of political organizations and/or affiliated activities.
  • Conferences or seminars.
  • Salaries or operating costs.
  • Applications submitted to a café instead of Head Office.

If your request meets the outlined criteria, submit the following information by completing the form found below.


  • Donation/sponsorship requests are reviewed within 1-month of being received.
  • Due to the number of requests we receive, we will only contact those organizations who have received preliminary approval.
  • Serious Coffee reserves the exclusive right to make all final decisions about which groups receive support.
  • Due to the level of demand, our commitment is to support a fair and equitable cross-section of as many community organizations as possible.
  • Not all applications are able to be approved.

Our order desk is happy to be of assistance and can be contacted via email,

Please Note:
Email is our primary means of communication; therefore, an email address must accompany all requests.
Requests submitted by any means other than through our website will not be entertained.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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