Donations and Sponsorship Requests - Islanders Supporting Islanders - Serious CoffeeSerious Coffee is proud and thankful to be a part of supporting amazing volunteers and the organizations that they serve, as they raise money to positively impact our communities. We receive literally hundreds of requests for all kinds of support and have a very simple process in place to ensure as many requests as possible are accommodated.

In order to ensure that your organization or group qualifies for this type of support, it is very important to review our Donation/Sponsorship Information Package. In it, you will find everything you need to know about what types of groups, organizations, and events are eligible for support along with details pertaining to the type of information you will need to provide as a part of the request process.


Now that you have reviewed the Donation/Sponsorship Information Package you are ready to submit your request. Click on the link provided below to complete the request form.


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