Now Hiring

Thank you for your interest in working with Serious Coffee. Each café is owned and operated by a local Franchisee who along with their manager, oversee day-to-day operations,  including hiring staff. No matter which Serious Coffee is hiring, the goal is to add to their team in a way that enhances the experience of those who work there and the guests who visit.

Serious Coffee Barista: A person who provides a consistently exceptional guest (customer) experience and has a mastery of making world-class specialty coffee and tea drinks.

If the following characteristics describe you, then please apply.

  • I love to learn
  • I take pride in all that I do
  • I love meeting new people and treat each one as my guest
  • I work well as part of a team and on my own
  • I look forward to each new challenge


  1. Download and complete the Application Form provided below. 
  2. From the list below, select the café that you are interested in and you will be taken to their location page.
  3. On the cafés location page, you will find their physical address as well as an email address specific to that site. You may submit your Application Form and resume in person or via the email address provided.

Please do NOT call the café regarding employment.


Application Form: Please complete this form and submit it with your resume.



North Cowichan (Cowichan Commons) - Full-Time Barista available to work Monday to Friday  Please submit resume by email or drop off at the café.



Millstream - Full-Time Barista  Submit resume in person or by email

Broad Street - Barista  Submit resume by email



No openings are available, please check back.