BIO – 9801

Sisters Megan and Emily T. are in the process of starting their own garage band and usually don't perform in public; however, they made their public debut at our wrap-up party and did a phenominal job!

Both are musical (playing piano, guitar, trumpet and saxophone) and they enjoy making music together and with others. 

Megan is 16 and in Grade 11 and Emily is 13 and in Grade 8. Both attend Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria. 

Click Here to listen to 9801's Jingle

Serious Coffee’s Note: 9801’s jingle submission is exactly what we had hoped to receive – a mix of talent from all age groups. Youthful, gifted and full of promise – they are an inspiration to young artists everywhere. Megan and Emily showed us that success can be achieved … when you work hard at it. We anticipating hearing a lot more from these talented young ladies.  Thank you for honouring us by performing at our event and participating in our contest.  Best of luck!