Bio - Drelene Gibb

Drelene is very active in the Oak Bay community hosting an open mic called Lounge Lizards which has been going for 1½ years.  It takes place every Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at the Monterey Recreation Centre (1442 Monterey Ave). Its purpose is to enable seniors to keep their gifts and talents alive. Every Sunday Drelene opens with "Glory of Love" on the ukulele and everyone who played that day joins in to jam along to the songs they always close with, "Forever Young", "We'll Meet Again" and "Happy Trails".

Drelene's open mic has garnered a lot of local interest as shown in the Oak Bay Neighbourhood News and Oak Bay News. The benefits for seniors who participate and attend are greater than simply keeping them active, it has resulted in tremendous transformations as they become a part of a vibrant, lively and caring group of people.

Drelene knows what it is like to lose a spouce and then to have to find the energy to fight her own battle with breast cancer only one year after the loss of her husband. That's why she started the open mic, so that people who feel at lose ends find camaraderie and belonging. This is true for those who perform and those who enjoy being entertained and it is open to anyone who wishes to attend so check it out.

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                                                                        Serious Coffee Notes:  It is fantastic to learn about and to be able to share information about people like Drelene and the fabulous work that she is doing to improve the lives of so many. Drelene was at our wrap-up event and provided some percussion support for a singer or two and has a smile that could light up a room. Thank you for being a part of our contest and especially for what you do to make Oak Bay a wonderful place to live.