Serious Coffee is always happy to be part of as many local events hosted by or on behalf of non-profit organizations located on Vancouver Island. In order to make the request process as simple as possible, we have created a request form (below) that is specific to those who want to serve our coffee at an event. This form may not be used for anything other than coffee service requests.  If you wish a donation or some other type of support, please visit our Donation/Sponsorship request page.  There you will find information that you need to know before completing the appropriate request form.

Please note that at this time all Promotional Community Support is on hold until further notice due to the current Covid Pandemic. Please visit our website to be updated as to when we will be able to open up the Community Support and Promotional events again. We look forward to our continued support of our many communities in the near future.


  • Your request must be submitted no less than 2 months before the date of the event. 
  • Event is hosted on behalf of a Vancouver Island-based not-for-profit organization.

* Serious Coffee reserves the right to deny any requests submitted and to discontinue support for an event for any reason.

Thank you for including us in your event planning and we wish you must success in your endeavours. 

Note: To select more than one item listed under Details of Request, hold down the Ctrl key and use either the mouse or down arrow to select more than one item. Do not release the Ctrl key until you are done the selection process.

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* Are you brewing coffee onsite?
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* How will your organization showcase Serious Coffee's participation, donation or sponsorship?

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