Serious Coffee - Coffee Bean Card Fundraising Program

Serious Coffee has been around since 1994 and thanks to our wonderful customers, we have experienced continued success. With growth comes more and more requests for support from a variety of non-profit organizations located throughout Vancouver Island. In order to support as many “not-for-profit” organizations as possible, we have created a fundraising program that allows community groups to purchase our Coffee Bean Cards at a reduced price that are then sold to their clients. Each card can earn a minimum of $5 profit. That's a great return on each sale made.

Please note that at this time all Promotional Community Support is on hold until further notice due to the current Covid Pandemic. Please visit our website to be updated as to when we will be able to open up the Community Support and Promotional events again. We look forward to our continued support of our many communities in the near future.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3! (Click on this title for printable version)


Decide how many cards you expect to sell then complete the Coffee Bean Card Order Form provided below. Serious Coffee's order desk will contact you within 5 business days in order to secure payment. Payment is received at the time the order is finalized. 

We will arrange to have the cards shipped to the Serious Coffee café of your choice. Our order desk will give you a security code that is used at the time of pick-up to ensure that no one other than your representative is given the order.


How you choose to sell your Coffee Bean Cards is entirely up to you. You decide the type of program and its duration, giving you complete control. Because you already have the cards, there's no need to go back to deliver a product enabling you to complete the sale right then and there. If you decide you need more cards, simply reorder.

If left with unsold cards, return them to Serious Coffee Head Office within three months of purchase for a refund. If the cards were paid for with a credit card, there is a 5% return fee to offset charges incurred by Serious Coffee from the credit card companies.

Serious Coffee does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen cards. We recommend that you return the cards using a courier or through Canada Post using whichever option enables you to track the package. If using Canada Post, we suggest taking advantage of their insurance program in case the cards get lost in transit.


Each card costs $10 that your team then retails for $15, earning $5 profit per sale! If you think you can sell them for more than $15 go ahead and increase the price; however, our suggested retail price is $15.


What do your customers get in exchange for the Coffee Bean Card?

Your customer is able to select a 400g bag of whichever coffee suits them best and there are 8 regular and 1 decaf roasts to choose from. These options include organic, fairly traded or both all in one coffee. No matter their preference, whether it's a light, medium or dark coffee, you can be confident that we have something they'll love.

If they need their beans ground, our Baristas will grind their beans to match whatever type of home brewing or coffee press is used at home. This is a very important step because the grind determines how much flavour each cup of coffee has and varies greatly depending on the brewing system that is used. This level of customization is a service we offer at no cost to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Can we sell these cards to people who use one-cup brewing systems such as a Keurig?

Yes, we can grind the beans so that it works perfectly in their one-cup brewer as long as they have a reusable cup suitable for their machine.

How do we pay for our order?

Once you submit your order form, you will be contacted by our order desk within 5 business days at which time you will be emailed a Credit Card Authorization Form. This form must be complete and signed then returned to us by email ( or fax (250.746.6552). This form is required by the credit card companies in order to ensure that they honour purchases made when the cardholder is not present at the time that payment is made. This form only has to be submitted with the initial order and is applicable for any subsequent orders made, as long as the order is on behalf of the organization listed on the form. All forms are kept confidential.

If we have questions or need more information, who do we contact?

Our order desk is more than happy to provide you with whatever information or support you need. Email or call 250.746.6511 extension 0 to speak to the order desk. We are open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday and closed all statutory holidays.


THAT'S IT! When have you ever seen such a simple program that enables you to earn real money selling a product that is extremely popular?! We're an Island company and proud to work with you to better our local communities.

Thank you for all you do to make our Island the great place it is!


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 * Serious Coffee reserves the right to deny any requests submitted and to discontinue support for any reason and at its sole discretion.


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