Iced Tea

Iced Tea


Our iced tea is made using our in-house teas and not from a pre-packaged product. Our traditional approach to Iced Tea means you have a wide range of options to choose from. Select your favourite tea to enjoy cold. Ask your Barista to leave it au-naturelle so that you can decide if you want to add sweetener or not. Further customize your iced tea by adding one or more of our flavoured syrups. Tea for two is a great idea!

If you want to enjoy a 100% organic Iced Tea, ask your Barista to make it from a tea of your choice selected from our custom line of loose leaf teas. Many of our cafés have different ice teas featured daily during the summer months. Our café owners and managers are always looking for feedback and input from their guests and would appreciate you taking the time to tell them about your preference.

Remember, you can purchase our teas to enjoy hot or cold, at home or anywhere else you find yourself.

To learn more about our teas, see Our Teas page.

Nutritional information varies depending on the iced tea recipe and any additions, such as flavoured syrups that a guest may add to their beverage.