This slideshow was put together by Jennifer Brum, one of the photographers who donated her time to the run. She has picked an extremely powerful piece of music by Joe Bachman called "A Soldier's Memoir" to accompany the shots. Please take the time to really listen to the lyrics as you view the images because it will help you to understand a little bit about what's behind PTSD and living life with it.

Once again, we are honoured to be a part of Wounded Warrior Run BC's campaign. It thrills us to say that Islanders outdid themselves by raising $40,000! The combined total raised by the guests, staff and cafe owners of our 24 cafés was $2,400!

This year Serious Coffee issued a 2-fold Throw-Down. First we challenged our cafés to see which could raise the most money. Secondly, we challenged the 5 communities that hosted events in our cafés to see which could get the most people out to the event and make the most noise once they were there.

The top earning cafe was Mill Bay and the community that earned top prize was Vancouver Island Conference Centre, downtown Nanaimo! It really doesn't matter who won our friendly challenges, what does matter is that awareness and money were raised in order to see supports provided to anyone suffering with PTSD.

This year over $40,000 was raised!! Thanks so much for your support!