Medium-dark roast and heavy bodied. Our Espresso is so popular due to its depth of flavour and rich, thick crema. Buy our beans by the 100g to purchase the amount that's right for you. Our beans are sold in resealable bags to keep the beans fresh. We are proud to have partnered with well-known Victoria artist, Marty Machacek's whose work is featured on our coffee retail bags.

Did you know that espresso is a roast and not just a drink? Though espresso beans are usually used exclusively to make an espresso drink, you can brew espresso beans the same way you do any other type of bean and enjoy it as a regular drip coffee. It's entirely up to you.

Cupping Notes: Swiss chocolate, lemon, pralines, molasses.

Beans: Central and South America, Indonesia. *

*Due to crop availability, components may vary.