Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee


We value our decaf coffee drinkers too. Each cup of our Coal Miner's Organic Decaf is made to order just for you. Coal Miner's Organic Decaf has a rich, bold flavour just like our Coal Miner's Organic, without any burnt aftertaste.

The beans used in this roast are decaffeinated by our friends at the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company located in Burnaby, BC. Swiss Water uses only fresh BC water to gently remove caffeine from the beans so you can enjoy a chemical-free cup of joe. Nearly all other decaffeinating methods use carcinogenic chemicals such as methelyn chloride, which is predominantly used as a solvent. This is why we are so proud to support a BC company and serve our guests the best decaf available.

Visit Our Coffee page to learn more about the Swiss Water process.

Nutritional information varies depending on if milk, sweetener or flavours are added.