Day 1 of the run began in Port Hardy   First day of the run   On the road
Day 1 of the run.   Local military line up to show their support as the team begins the 600 km run.   The team started together and set the tone for the entire journey.
Off to Sea   SC Campbell River and Team   SC Campbell River - Getting ready
Local band, Off to Sea rocked out the cafe and created a lot of energy helping to get the team pumped up.   Mayor Adams along with Councillors Charlie Cornfield and Marlene Wright were on hand.   Getting ready to start the day's leg.
SC Campbell River - Supporters speaking with Lorne   SC Campbell River - Team with Off to Sea   SC Campbell River - Mayor Adams saying a few words
Members of the community out to show their support and speaking with Lorne.   The Team and Off to Sea   Mayor Adams receiving his limited edition Wounded Warriors t-shirt and saying a few words.
SC Campbell River - Lining Up   SC Campbell River - Sabio starts the day   SC Campbell River - Sabio is on his way
Getting Sabio pumped up to start the run.   Sabio is the first runner of the day.   And he's off!
SC Courtenay - Channing talking to Military Police   SC Courtenay - Lining up for breakfast and coffee   SC Courtenay - First runner of the day
 Members of the Military Police came out at 6 am to show their support for the run.   The team lining up to get their cup of energy also known as coffee.   Sabio was the first running on this very dark morning.
SC VICC and Team   SC VICC - Channing first runner of the day   Ron with Mayor Bill McKay
The team with Eileen Little, veteran of WWII (middle) and Susan Jimmo, owner of Serious Coffee VICC (front row fourth from the left).   Eileen Little, veteran of WWII blows the horn to start the day.   Mayor Bill McKay with Ron Mierau
SC South Duncan - the Team   Bernice and Rob crossing the silver bridge in Duncan   SC South Duncan - Rest Stop
The team along with local supporters.   Bernice and Rob crossing Duncan's silver bridge.   The team enjoying a much deserved rest.
SC South Duncan - Bernice with her family as she takes a break   SC South Duncan - Channing visiting with local police   SC South Duncan - Ron Mary Rob Channing taking a break
Bernice (3rd from right) was greeted by members of her family as she took a break.   Channing getting to know some of the local First Nation police officers.   Ron, Mary, Rob, Channing (front row) and Isaac popping up in the back.
SC Mill Bay - Team meeting   SC Mill Bay with the team   SC Mill Bay - Team meeting
The team meets in the cafe before starting the day.   The team getting ready to face the last day of the run.   The last day of the run and having to face the Malahat.