Wondering if you won a prize, go to the section below the information about how to claim a prize where you will find the winners listed under each day's prize.


The names of the winners of each day's prize will be listed the following day on Serious Coffee's Facebook page and website. (i.e.: The winners of December 11's prizes will have their names posted by December 12 on Serious Coffee's Facebook page and website.) The only exception is the GRAND PRIZE draw, where the winner's name will be posted on Serious Coffee's Facebook page on December 23, 2017; however, the winner's name will be posted on Serious Coffee's website sometime between December 23, 2017 and January 5, 2018.

Serious Coffee will not contact the winners by any means other than to list the winners' names each day on Serious Coffee's Facebook page and website. The winners' names will remain posted on Serious Coffee's Facebook page and website until February 2, 2018, at 3 p.m. Serious Coffee will not be held accountable, if for any reason the notification that is sent is not received.

*It is up to the winner to follow the instructions provided below in order to claim their prize


  • Prizes must be claimed by email only and no later than January 31, 2018, at 11:59 p.m.
  • Prizes are claimed by emailing social@seriouscoffee.com
  • In your email's Subject line put "12 Days of Xmas Winner"
  • In the body of the email include the following information;
    • your First and Last Names
    • your year of birth
    • the name of the prize you have won
    • city in which you live
    • and the name or location of the Serious Coffee café from which you wish to pick-up your prize. Providing the café's name tells Serious Coffee where to ship your prize. All prizes must be picked up from the café specified in your email. Prizes will be delivered to the specified café and be addressed to the winner. The winner will be sent an email notification that includes when the prize will be available for pick-up.

Prizes may not be redeemed for cash, have no cash value, and may not be exchanged for another prize or item within the café.

Serious Coffee does not accept any responsibility if the prize becomes damaged, lost or stolen once in the possession of the winner. Prizes may not be exchanged or returned for any reason. 


Day 1: December 11/17 Winners

Carrie Beaupre

Bonnie Jack

Barb Frew

Robin Ebert

Phil Ganderton

 Rena Johnson

Alisha Brooke

Tracy Gurney

Duane Duncan

Claire Graham

 Lindsay Guest

Cheryl Thierauf Jordan


DAy 2: December 12/17 Winners
Cheryl Dawn Michelle Irvine
Maddy Cornish Jesse Simmons
Brenda Paddle Marisa Cardin
Dayna Nemyo   B Rose Wms
  Karen Milner Kristy Hemstalk
Melissa Davies -


Day 3: December 13/17 Winners

Scott Cronck 

Leah Sheri 

Megyn Korenicki 

Amanda Nsiah-Boadu 

Lindsay Elzinga 

Christine Kleinsteuber

Kelly Anne Newman 

Barry Kazimer

 Kathleen Sharpe

Jenny Hindley 


Day 4: December 14/17 Winners
Susan Craddock Ward     Lori Place
Caryn Taylor     Bud Potter
  Jackie Bilton   Dan Bendall
Sharon Philps   Dianna Dalton  
  Sarah Corbett -


Day 5: December 15/17 Winners
 Dawn Roost

Nikki Downer 

Heather Coltman 

Gayle Leggett 

 Rama Narsing

Carol Rae 

 Al Baxter

Cathi Pindar 


Day 6: December 16/17 Winners
Kim Bajkov   Joanne Thomas  
Tiare King     David Tillich
  Melissa Moore Alena Morgen-Devlin  
  Amanda Lea -


Day 7: December 17/17 Winners

Michelle Keddy 

Cathy Talkington  
  Carmen Lamberg   Doralee Wratten
  Debbi Bigham Rachel Livingston  


Day 8: December 18/17 Winners
  Mary Margaret   Tanya Erickson
  Jen Ripley-Morris   Kira Chow
Nadine Mcclurg   -


Day 9: December 19/17 Winners
Michelle Hiscox   Janette Scully  
Carol Rae   Kelli Bendall  


Day 10: December 20/17 Winners

Mariah Irene Csori 

Kay Findo

Jeremy Brennan 



Day 11: December 21/17 Winners
  Tiffany Smith Marilyn Pugh  


Day 12: December 22/17 Grand Prize Winner