Coldbuster Rooibos

Coldbuster Rooibos


Got a cold or feeling the effects from your "big" night? Coldbuster can help you tame that stuffy cold feeling – the honey will soothe your sore throat and the hint of cayenne will clear your sinuses right up; while the groggy feeling is shaken off with a burst of ginger and citrus. Made with stone-ground rooibos tea from South Africa, ginger, citrus, all natural honey crystals and cayenne pepper. It also contains camu camu, an Amazonian fruit with extraordinarily high levels of all-natural Vitamin C and to make it even better, everything but the rooibos tea is purchased from the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

Coldbuster comes in a convenient powder format that dissolves instantly in hot or cold water, making it easy to enjoy anywhere you are.


Serving Size:   10g
Calories:   50
Carbohydrate %:   3%
Fibre:   1g
Sugars:   5g
Protein:   0.1g
Vitamin C:   10%
Calcium:   2%
Iron:   2%