Boston Clam Chowder

Boston Clam Chowder


A rich, thick chowder loaded with potatoes, clams, celery, onions and real cream. The best soup to fend off a cold winter's day.

* Selection varies between locations

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Serving Size:   250ml
Calories:   150
Fat:   7g
Fat %:   11%
Saturated:   1g
Saturated %:   5%
Cholesterol:   5mg
Cholesterol %:   2%
Sodium:   330mg
Sodium %:   39%
Carbohydrate:   16g
Carbohydrate %:   5%
Fibre:   1g
Fibre %:   4%
Sugars:   1g
Protein:   5g
Calcium:   2%
Iron:   6%