Americano (Canadiano)

Americano (Canadiano)


The history of the Americano is said to have come about during WWII when the G.I.s couldn't handle full-strength espresso and asked to have it watered down.

Our Americano offers rich, full-bodied flavours with tasting notes of chocolate and pralines. A thick layer of crema delivers a world-class tasting experience in a single sip. Our proprietary blend and unique air-roasting method, coupled with expertly trained Baristas will ensure each Americano served is packed full of smooth flavours. Personalize your drink by choosing regular, soy or almond milk.

Because, as Canadians, it is instinctual to finish off our sentences with 'eh', we also like to refer to our Americano as a Canadiano.

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Nutritional information varies depending on the type of milk, sweetener or flavoured syrups selected.