Sunrise Bar (Vegan)

Sunrise Bar (Vegan)


This deliciously filling breakfast option is easy to enjoy anywhere you find yourself, and it's vegan, but don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

* Availability varies between locations


Serving Size:   75g
Calories:   310
Fat:   10g
Fat %:   16%
Saturated:   1g
Saturated %:   5%
Trans:   0g
Cholesterol:   0mg
Sodium:   190mg
Sodium %:   8%
Carbohydrate:   51g
Carbohydrate %:   17%
Fibre:   4g
Fibre %:   16%
Sugars:   26g
Protein:   5g
Vitamin C:   2%
Calcium:   6%
Iron:   15%