Organic Raspberry Bliss White

Organic Raspberry Bliss White


This 100% organic tea has been carefully blended just for us. White tea is known as the Emporer's drink and was the choice of the royal court because of its delicate flavour and lack of bitterness. White tea is the least processed of all teas and has a mild,  slightly sweet taste combined with hints of floral notes. By adding a small amount of raspberry to the mix, the already complex flavours are enhanced causing them to be magnified on the palette.

Serve this tea hot or cold and no matter which option you make, you may add sweetener or leave it au-naturelle so that people can decide for themselves. It is a great option when serving diabetics or others who can't or don't want added calories. Remember, white tea does contain caffeine which surprises a lot of people who assume it doesn't.

Order your Raspberry Bliss tea today. Once you taste it we know that you'll want to purchase a bag of this loose leaf tea to enjoy at home or at work.

Another interesting facts...Did you know that white tea is simply the most tender leaf buds that are covered in silvery, down-covered hairs and picked from the same plant as green tea? It's true. The leaves can only be picked during 3 days of every year in early spring. It contains three times as many antioxidants as green tea, has a light colour and does contain small amounts of caffeine.