Klondike Chili

Klondike Chili


A hearty chili in the classic style with and beans in a boldly spiced tomato base. It's a taste that makes winter enjoyable.

*Selection varies between locations.

For detailed information, ask our Barista for a printout.




Serving Size:   267ml
Calories:   220
Fat:   9g
Fat %:   14%
Saturated:   3.5g
Saturated %:   18%
Trans:   .02g
Cholesterol:   20mg
Cholesterol %:   7%
Sodium:   860mg
Sodium %:   36%
Carbohydrate:   22g
Carbohydrate %:   7%
Fibre:   5g
Fibre %:   20%
Sugars:   6g
Sugars:   12%
Protein:   12g
Protein:   24%
Vitamin A:   10%
Vitamin C:   10%
Calcium:   10%
Iron:   20%