G/F Mexi Veg Flax Roll

G/F Mexi Veg Flax Roll



If you are craving the taste of Mexico try our Mex Veg roll made with pinto, black, kidney and refried beans that are mixed with vegetables and spices.

The benefits of flax are so big that it is often called a superfood. Flax promotes cardiovascular health, colon health, aids in weight management, boosts immunity and fights inflammation, promotes healthy skin and cells plus more. But most importantly, it tastes great!

Many have heard about Omega-3 in flax but flaxseeds contain other nutrients which make eating the ground whole seed superior to consuming just the extracted oil. hings like essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, about 42% of flax seed is oil, fibre, protein, lignans, other phytochemicals such as flavanoids and phenolic acid, vitamins and minerals. In this roll there is 4.5g of polyunsaturates, 0.7g of Omega-6 and 2.5g of Omega-3.

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Serving Size:   125g
Calories:   240
Fat:   8g
Fat %:   13%
Saturated:   1g
Saturated %:   4%
Cholesterol:   10mg
Cholesterol %:   4%
Sodium:   450mg
Sodium %:   19%
Potassium:   660mg
Potassium:   19%
Carbohydrate:   33g
Carbohydrate %:   11%
Fibre:   10g
Fibre %:   41%
Sugars:   4g
Protein:   12g
Vitamin A:   6%
Vitamin C:   15%
Calcium:   15%
Iron:   25%