Bonmac 1-Cup Brewer

Bonmac 1-Cup Brewer


This wedge-shaped ceramic pour over brewer is the delight of any serious coffee lover because it is designed to make a perfect cup of coffee every single time. The science behind its shape and the exit hole's size ensures that the water passes through the ground beans at exactly the right speed to release the full spectrum of flavours.  The speed with which water passes through the beans has a dramatic affect on the end taste because if water goes through the too quickly it will be lacking flavour, if too slowly it will taste bitter.

To use the Bonmac, all you need is a paper filter (preferable unbleached to avoid tainting the flavour of the coffee) and the appropriate amount of coffee ground specifically for this type of system. Just tell our Baristas what you are using to brew your coffee and they'll grind the beans to match and grab your filters at the same time.  Then, pour the boiling water around the edge allowing it to filter through the ground beans. Within 2-3 minutes you are experiencing all that the coffee has to offer, every single day.

The other great aspect of this system is the fact that the filter and spent coffee grounds go right in your compost, no packaging to dispose of unlike other single-cup brewers. It is small, easy to use and has a view hole so that you can see what is happening in the cup even with the brewer still in place.

The Bonmac, filters and freshly roasted coffee are available at any of our cafes so be sure to take one home today or give it to the coffee fanatic in your life.