We Roast Our Own Coffee Locally

The key to the flavour of any coffee bean is the roast. We have perfected this process. Serious Coffee brews great coffee because it is a “just in time roaster”. Because we are located only on Vancouver Island, the coffee in our cafes is roasted only when ordered then delivered the next day. Also, we don’t flame-roast our beans but have chosen to air-roast removing the bitter, burnt taste often associated with flame-roasting.

Just In Time Roaster

Serious Coffee buys beans from all over the world: Mexico, Kenya, Colombia, and Ecuador to name a few. The raw beans are shipped to the Roasting Plant in Duncan. The beans are perfectly roasted and then taken directly to your local Serious Coffee just in time for you to get a great cup of coffee.


Fairly TradedThe growers make a good living, have control over how much they sell their beans for, and you get great coffee. Now that’s a fair trade!


OCIA Everything involved in the growing process is according to the strict standards of The Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA International). The application of chemicals or artificial enhancements is not permitted at any time in the growing process with tracking systems in place to ensure that the beans remain organic right up to your cup.

Shade-grown and Bird-friendly

Because Serious Coffee uses Arabica beans which are shade-grown and bird-friendly the rain forest isn’t being destroyed to produce our coffee beans. This supports songbirds and helps to encourage biodiversity as well as encourages the farmers to continue to use traditional production practices. 

Swiss Water Process®

Our decaf coffees are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, which is approved for organic and uses only water in this chemical-free, all natural method.  Swiss Water uses coastal mountain water from BC and produces a 99.9% caffeine free coffee exceeding North American minimum standards of 97%.  If you would like more information please read Our Coffee.

We’re Islanders

This means that we can’t hide behind a corporate facade. We are in our communities interacting with our customers on a daily basis and they know who we are.  This level of accountability ensures that we continue to strive to consistently produce the best product we possible can.


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