We only roast beans that have been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process®  because this method is ecology-friendly, done in small batches, and uses water and a carbon filter to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. The beans that are classified as organic retain this certification when decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process.

In North America, in order to label a product as decaffeinated, it must be at least 97% decaffeinated but Swiss Water beans are 99.9% caffeine free.  If you are sensitive to caffeine or simply don’t want it in your coffee, the Swiss Water Process® is the closest you can get to a 100% caffeine-free cup of joe.

The best part is that the health benefits, such as antioxidants, liver, and cardiovascular protection, just to name a couple, are still in the coffee. Because no chemicals are used, the flavour isn’t altered allowing for the tantalizing aroma that you love to mingle with the rich, full-bodied flavour that you’ve come to expect.  

Come on in and get your delicious cup of Coal Miner's Decaf, it tastes so good, that you won't even notice that the caffeine isn't there.


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