12 Days of Christmas 2014 Contest Winners


The winner of our Grand Prize of coffee for a year is Lisa Berting!

Listed below the Claiming of Prizes information are the names of each day's prize winners. To claim your prize, it is imperative that you read and follow the instructions exactly as given under Claiming of Prizes. This information will no longer be available as of February 1, 2015.

Once we have received the information listed under Claiming of Prizes (see below), you will be contacted within 1 - 2 business days with information about when your prize will be available for pick up from the cafe you have specified.


Prizes must be claimed by January 30, 2015 and are claimed by emailing social@seriouscoffee.com .

  • In your email's subject line put "12 Days of Xmas Winner"
  • In the body of the email please include the following;
    • your first and last names,
    • your year of birth,
    • the name of the prize you've won,
    • and the name or location of the Serious Coffee café you most often frequent so we know where to send your prize for pick-up.

December 13 - 'Ugly Sweater' Ceramic Mug (12 winners)

Zandy Jackson  

Bonnie Edwards Wood  

 Celeste Macevicius 

Pat Battles  

Wendy Glass Vlaj  

Clay Rookes 

Kate Zealand    Barb Rees Parker 

 Lois Amber  

Tina Foote 

Brian Grouhel  

Kristine Ireland 

December 14 - Medium Size Beverage of Your Choice (11 winners)

Wendy Glass Vlaj

Jacquelyn Smith  

Kate Zealand  

Roberta Clair  

 Christy Thompson 

Celeste Macevicius  

Brunetta LeQuesne  

Janelle Wilson  

Anna Wunder  

Jon Waters  

Estar McMillan 


December 15 - 'Diamond' Travel Mug (10 winners)

 Glenn Miles

Roberta Clair

Ingrid Stevens

Christy Thompson

Barb Rees Parker

Kristen Daniel 

Jacquelyn Smith

Greg Foster

Jon Waters

Wendy Glass Vlaj  

December 16 - Large Size Beverage of Your Choice (9 winners)

Kristine Ireland

Candice Schultz 

Jesse Simmons

Susan Macdonald 

Jacquelyn Smith 

Valerie Caldicott 

 Tracey Cook

Ted Godwin 

Michelle Hanna    

December 17 - 'Wordle' Travel Mug (8 winners)

Darcie Nolan

Jerri-lyn Whitney

George Combes

Glenn Letham

Pat Johnson

Susan Macdonald

Jeanette Harper

Colette Scrimgeour

December 18 - 1 lb Bag of Coffee Your Choice (7 winners)

Terry Lee Cure

Sara Clark  

Jana Koster 

Vanessa Bee  

Radhika Khan  

Kat Inhat  

Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu  


December 19 - 1883 Flavoured Syrup (6 winners)

 Charleen Renshaw Souliere

Bud Potter 

 Donna Finlay Forsgren

Joy Ann Bannerman 

Andrew Dalton 

Frederick Johnson 

December 20 - $25 Serious Coffee Card (5 winners)

Wendy Brazeau 

 Rena Johnson

Bonnie Morgan 

Aurelia Stirling

Melissa Wood 


December 21 - Coffee Package (4 winners)

 Darla Cooper

Connie Walters Dunwoody 

Ryan Falkenberg 

Sue Olive 

December 22 - $50 Serious Coffee Card (3 winners)

Tricia Lee 

Amy Clarke 

 Joanne Clark

December 23 - 5lb Bag of Coffee Your Choice (2 winners)

Nita R Wms

Elaine Collison-Baker

December 24 - 1 Bag of Coffee Per Week for a Year (1 winners)

Lisa Berting 


Starting December 13, 2014 through to and including December 24, 2014, Serious Coffee will draw between 1 - 12 winners every day with details provided below.




December 13

12 people

 1 'Ugly Sweater' Ceramic Mug

December 14

11 people

 1 Medium Size Beverage of their choice

December 15

10 people

 1 'Diamond Patterned' Travel Mug

December 16

9 people

 1 Large Beverage of their choice

December 17

8 people

 1 'Wordle' Travel Mug

December 18

7 people

 1-400g bag of Coffee Beans (roast of their choice)

December 19

6 people

 1 bottle of 1883 Flavoured Syrup (flavour of their choice)

December 20

5 people

 1-$25 Serious Coffee Card (no cash value, use at any Serious Coffee cafe)

December 21

4 people

 1 Coffee Package (includes: 1-Bonmac Ceramic Brewer, 1-box of Paper Filters, 1-'Spinning Bean' Ceramic Mug, 1-250g bag of Coffee Beans-roast of their choice)

December 22

3 people

 1-$50 Serious Coffee Card (no cash value, use at any Serious Coffee cafe)

December 23

2 people

 1-5lb bag of Coffee Beans (roast of their choice)

December 24

1 person

 1-270g (regular) or 250g (decaf) bag of Coffee Beans (roast of their choice) picked up once a week for the 52 weeks in 2015 from the cafe of their choice.


This promotion does not have a connection with Facebook in any way and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. The recipient of the information provided by you is not Facebook, but Serious Coffee.


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